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Valet Parking in LA Looking More Casual, Chic

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The days of the valet in formal wear may be past. Car parking uniforms should answer guests’ needs: be fast, and be trustworthy.

Hosting a large event involves a great deal of attention to aesthetics. Things should look nice, even elegant. That starts from the moment that guests arrive until the moment they leave the venue.

Which of course involves the car valet service – and in Southern California, a Los Angeles valet parking company should understand the role they play in successful events. But when you break down what matters to guests when someone parks their car, they probably have two priorities:

  1. That the car and contents are well taken care of (no dings, scratches, smoking, theft of items in the car)
  2. That the service is timely (minimal wait times, arriving and departing)

It’s not as if the guest has much of a choice. But the quality of valet service reflects back on the party host – so the event planner cannot treat contracting with a Los Angeles valet service as an afterthought.

The event planning website BizBash, a news source on all things of interest to meeting and event professionals, weighed in on several factors relating to smart and memorable event planning details that involve the car parking services. The site posted an article that suggested premium add-ons for valets, including providing a mini-hospitality waiting area. That included such things as TV screens, lemonade on hot days, snacks, and heaters for winter nights.

But something BizBash had to say about what car parking services – presumably a Los Angeles wedding valet as much as for business events – might do away with is cliché, faux-formal valet attire. “The valet staff at almost any event will be wearing the typical black pants, black vest, a white button-down shirt, and black shoes,” says the article. “There is nothing less thrilling than that.”

BizBash goes on to suggest theme outfits – bow ties and matching sneakers in bold colors, for example. While not every service is so creative, it does suggest that they should give it an effort.

How? Revisit those priorities above: Guests want their cars in good hands and they don’t want to wait around. A casual outfit, such as khaki shorts, polo shirt and sneakers of some sort, pretty well communicates speed. And there are 100 variations on that theme. The uniforms of course need to match (that’s what “uniform” means, after all), and it doesn’t hurt when a valet shirt says “staff” or “valet.” But the clothing industry provides many more options – and guests will notice if you try them.

BizBash even goes so far as to suggest the valet uniform thematically match the event itself, such as Hawaiian shirts if the party is set in a tropical motif. Which sounds like a lot of fun. Just keep in mind the guest expectation is for speedy service and staff that can be trusted.

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