Jeffrey Valet

Jeffrey Valet

Friday, 17 November 2017 23:59

Valet Parking in LA Looking More Casual, Chic

The days of the valet in formal wear may be past. Car parking uniforms should answer guests’ needs: be fast, and be trustworthy.

Thursday, 14 September 2017 16:26

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Valet Parking Service

When considering a Los Angeles wedding valet service, remember it’s an important component of an evening. Here are questions to ask providers.

Cars are the definitive statement in Los Angeles, so how parking attendants handle them at business events is pretty important. Step one: ask questions.

A strict law has professionalized car valet services in Los Angeles since 2014. But event planners should ask questions to confirm their competencies.

In Los Angeles, wedding valet services are an essential part of celebration hospitality. It’s about first-class treatment of guests and basic pragmatism.

Dresses, reception venues, and catering typically get the most attention. But wedding guest service begins with parking their cars. Think through the issues.

Keep in mind that ever special event begins outside, where guests pull up in their vehicles. This is an event detail you can get very right or very wrong.