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Benefits to Hiring Valet Service for Your Special Event

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Keep in mind that ever special event begins outside, where guests pull up in their vehicles. This is an event detail you can get very right or very wrong.

Special event planning is akin to building a house. You are tasked with finding a suitable venue with roof, floors and walls; decorating it attractively; serving a feast (food, beverages, kitchen, plus wait staff); providing entertainment; having appropriate bathrooms and other comforts; in cooler weather you will need to provide a coat check service.

So don’t forget the garage/parking. Is this easily done, or will guests be left to their own devices? Hiring a Los Angeles valet service is almost always a good idea for a variety of reasons:

A valet expands your venue options. A hotel with a parking lot is mostly a no-brainer; you have the choice of providing a valet service or not. But say you choose that rural location, or something near the beach, or even the home of the bride for a wedding: your 200 or so guests will need at least 100 parking spots. A Los Angeles wedding valet will be able to plan, engineer and manage a parking system that allows guests and hosts to relax and enjoy the event.

It tells your guests they are special. In Los Angeles, valet service is a close cousin to the red carpet treatment.  It says, “You’re too important to us to make you walk in your nice clothes and shoes – let the service take care of your car and come on inside for a great party.”

Better security. Not every venue is in a completely safe neighborhood. When a car valet service is used, a certain degree of trust and security is given to your guests.

Fewer mishaps, tickets, and tows. In unfamiliar surroundings, guests might have trouble navigating back streets and get lost. Or, they might park in restricted zones (demarcated by signs that are less than obvious). It would be a sad ending to an otherwise fun evening if they had a pricey ticket in their windshield – or no car at all due to towing.

More people will come. For some events, particularly with older guests involved, a car valet service might make the difference between going and not going (providing them with other conveniences such as an elevator or ramps might help, particularly if they are wheelchair bound). 

Discuss the matter of intoxicated guest-drivers. While the legal responsibility does not fall on hosts and valet services, it still is a good idea to plan for the inebriated driver asking for his vehicle. A senior staffer might be empowered to summon a taxi at the host’s expense, and to arrange for the guest to pick up the car the following day.

There is of course a cost to hiring a valet service for any event. But given the benefits – to guest comfort, convenience, and safety – it shows the party hosts thought through the entire responsibility of being hospitable. As hosts in every house would and should do.

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