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Choosing the Best Valet Parking Service for Your Wedding

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Dresses, reception venues, and catering typically get the most attention. But wedding guest service begins with parking their cars. Think through the issues.

It may not seem like the most important part of wedding planning. But given how parking valets are the first and last points of contact for most wedding guests, the people who handle guests’ vehicles play a pretty important role in the event.

Parking valets are also the service that says to wedding guests, “you have an honored place here.” It is the royal treatment.

That said, a Los Angeles wedding valet is sometimes booked at the last minute. It may still be possible to do that without a hitch while getting hitched, it’s not recommended. Here is a checklist to make sure you’re getting the right services to make for a smooth operation on this important day:

Book a service with good recommendations. This is something that can be done right or done wrong. Were wait times short for arrivals and departures? Were there complaints about mirror adjustments, seat adjustments – or missing items? Were there mix-ups in keys and cars? A Los Angeles valet should provide a list of past clients that you can contact for a personal recommendation.

What do the service attendants look like? Uniforms are part of this, but so is grooming. Imagine your fussiest guest handing over their Mercedes Maybach to a greasy teen who might have arrived in an old minivan.

Does at least one driver on staff know how to drive a stick shift? Some models made only with a manual transmission are the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, Chevy Camaro Z/28, Porsche Cayman GT4 and Boxster Spyder, Dodge Viper, and he Ford Fiesta ST (among many more). Owners of these vehicles tend to be aware of the skills gap in many valets – yet most will wish to not walk two blocks to handle it themselves.

Discuss the matter of a departing guest who is visibly drunk – and set up a contingency plan. California law on “social host liability” does not hold a venue, party-giver, or car valet responsible for accidents or injuries that result after a guest drives away in a state of visible intoxication. Even so, no one wants their big day marred with tragedy. It might be a good idea for a host to foot the bill for taxi or other ride service if the driver can be gently dissuaded from driving his or her self. This is best discussed in advance with your Los Angeles valet service.

Unusual venue? Where will the cars actually be parked? Say the wedding is in a home in a decidedly residential neighborhood. Your valet will be a planner and problem solver, identifying where cars can be parked on streets (including which days and which hours), or if a church, school, or other lot owner can accommodate your guests’ vehicles.

The standard recommendation is to provide one parking spot for every two guests. But double-check that detail with your valet service in advance; they may have more specific numbers that best meet the needs of your event and venue location.

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