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Planning a Perfect Wedding? Don’t Forget the Valet Service

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In Los Angeles, wedding valet services are an essential part of celebration hospitality. It’s about first-class treatment of guests and basic pragmatism.

So what makes a perfect wedding? There are the things you simply can buy or rent –like gowns, reception venues, and chaplains – but there are also the uncontrollables. That would include weather, crying ring bearers, and over-served bridesmaids.

Another factor that might go out of control is guest parking. Every wedding ceremony and reception venue is different, as are guests’ parking abilities and needs. Keep in mind that most guests are in an unfamiliar place, wearing their nicest clothes and cleanest, if not most delicate, shoes. There is an awful lot that can go wrong in a parking lot.

Or soggy lawn. Or Byzantine neighborhood streets (if, say, the reception is at the home of the bride). Or the slightly scary peripheral streets in that arty warehouse district.

What a Los Angeles valet service provides to a wedding or any other special event is peace of mind – for hosts as well as guests. Consider the benefits:

Priority treatment of all guests – From the moment they arrive, all your co-celebrants are treated as first-class participants in your big day. It sets the mood for what is to come.

Physical safety of special-needs guests – If you have any guests who are elderly, infirm, or simply have trouble walking distances this is a way to make this a party they can enjoy as well.

Set up a “drunk uncle” plan – With a valet service, it would be possible to pre-establish that a visibly intoxicated guest could be offered a ride service (paid for by the host) and a means for getting their car back the next day. Obviously this has to be handled delicately. But it could save your day from being associated with a tragedy.

Logistical ease – If your venue is unusual (i.e., no immediately adjacent parking lot), do you really need to include maps and instructions with the invitations? Do you want to worry that construction or a parade or who-knows-what will even make those instructions obsolete? If you outsource this to your expert Los Angeles valet, that becomes their responsibility.

Keep the neighbors happy – The rule of thumb is that a party will need one parking spot for every two guests. If a reception host doesn’t address the parking question at all, they may be unleashing a nuisance on the surrounding neighborhood. In the worst-case scenario, guests might resort to parking where they could be ticketed or towed. Why play with the risk?

The perfect wedding planner controls what he or she can. Even though 50 or more cars seem like a mobile problem waiting to happen, a valet service can considerably reduce the worry.

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